For over three years now, we’ve had a part (in some way shape or form) in helping our friends over at The Interfaith Youth Core put together their monthly episodes of The Update, a show put together for IFYC’s Better Together campaign.

We always feel great about getting to be a part of this campaign and enjoy getting to help them share their message.

But, this month seriously surpassed anything we’ve done with the Update crew so far.

Earlier this month, Better Together frontman & frontwoman, Adam Garner and Hannah Minks-Clark approached us with an idea.

They wanted to parody an early 90’s educational video to talk about the importance of setting safe space rules within interfaith dialogues. They even gave us this as a reference video:

Pretty rad, right?

Luckily, Tim knew exactly what to do. He knew the best way to achieve that effect was to record the episode using the equipment it used to be recorded on. And, thankfully, he had saved this bad boy, the Canon ZR45, the same camera they used to use to shoot things like this and this. Oh yeah, and their skate videos as evidenced by these tapes:

skate tapes from the 90s

On the day of our shoot, Jason, Tim and I went over to IFYC headquarters. It was pretty exciting!

And let’s just say, the IFYC crew brought their A-game. Adam had a pretty incredible 90’s sweater ready to go. And Hannah? Well, Hannah, errr…I mean Dr. Franken Hanzel Jaminson, had a fantastic old man outfit, an epically-bad wig, and a homemade mustache. For all of you out there wondering about that ‘stache, here is her recipe [don’t worry, I asked for permission to share]:
“The moustache was made with the contents of a black teabag and a ginger teabag. I applied it by dabbing a mixture of soap and lotion on my upper lip, then gently pressing the tea onto this mixture so it would stick. While the ginger irritated my flesh, I’m hoping I achieved the salt-and-pepper-silver-fox look for which I was aiming.”

While we were there, we also decided it’d be pretty key to have a picture-in-picture feature during the simulations.

After we finished filming, our fabulous editor, Nico, took things from there. He was able to add all of the graphics and film treatments to make this look as authentic as it does.

The result? Something we were all super proud of. In fact, Adam sent us one of our favorite feedback emails we’ve ever received:

“This is my favorite thing we’ve ever done.” he said. “Ever. I can’t stop laughing and I’ve watched it like 12 times.”Adam Garner

“This is my favorite thing we’ve ever done.” he said.  “Ever. I can’t stop laughing and I’ve watched it like 12 times. The cutaways work PERFECTLY. So so so perfect. Everything is just so good. Eveerrrytthiinnnggg. Nicolas, you’re fantastic. That cutaway, in particular, that happens at 2:09 is likely my favorite piece of video that has ever existed.”

As silly as it may seem, we are so thankful we get to work with such creative and incredible clients like these guys. We can’t think of many people that get to have this much fun at their jobs.

We’ll keep you posted on the next episode of the Update. But, for now, go watch this 11 more times like Adam did. Oh, and you can go like the Better Together Facebook page and show these guys the love they deserve!

IFYC group after shooting

As Dr. Hanzel Jaminson would say, thanks for reading you vivacious rainbows of hope – JS


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