We reached out to the crew at CHIRP Radio a long time ago in hopes of collaborating on possible music projects together. The opportunity finally came about with their new “Factory Sessions,” a series of live recording sessions at the station’s beautiful north side factory home. We loved the idea of shooting in this unique urban setting draped in artwork from several Windy City artists, including Baker Prints.

The first Factory Session we got our hands on was the second in the series and featured the band Ultimate Painting, all the way from the UK. The band joined us for this exclusive live session while  on tour supporting White Fence and Twerps this spring. Ultimate Painting features members of Veronica Falls and Mazes and was joined by Anthony Cozzi of Radar Eyes on bass for this performance.

The series was recorded and engineered by Mike Lust of Manor Mobile. The session features James Hoare on guitar/vocals, Jack Cooper on guitar/vocals, Neil Robinson on drums, and Anthony Cozzi on bass.

CHIRP_Factory_Session_Ultimate_Painting (1)
Photo from CHIRP Radio.

– JS


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