We were super proud to be a part of creating this year’s Better Together Day video for our client, The Interfaith Youth Core. IFYC‘s marketing team knew they wanted to do something that would capture people’s attention and inspire them to participate. In order to do just that, they decided on an animated piece with an original score by Ross Crean.

To paint a better picture of what Better Together Day is, check out their website [http://ifyc.org/bettertogetherday] and read more about it:

Better Together Day (4.14.15) is a day for everyone who believes in interfaith cooperation to take a step towards a future where our different beliefs and traditions are a bridge to positive change, not a barrier. Pledge to take part by midnight 4.14.15 and you’ll join thousands who are modeling an America where we can appreciate one another despite our differences and work together for the common good. These small actions add up to stronger communities and real connections between people.


When you take part in Better Together Day, you’re joining thousands of others who get that we’re all better off when we engage with each other.


Pledge to be Better Together. Talk to an someone of another religious or non-religious background about the values you both share and post the experience online.

While you’re at it, use the haghtag: #WeAreBetterTogether

– JS


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