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Ultimate Painting's CHIRP Radio Factory Session

We reached out to the crew at CHIRP Radio a long time ago in hopes of collaborating on possible music projects together. The opportunity finally came about with their new “Factory Sessions,” a series of live recording sessions at the station’s beautiful north side factory home. We loved the idea of shooting in this unique urban setting draped in artwork from several Windy City artists, including Baker Prints.

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Promise Not to Cry

We first met Val Halla this past summer when she asked us to be a part of creating a music video for her song Bordertown. You can check out the photo album from that shoot here and stay tuned for the release of that video later this Spring.

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We Venture into Nature with Jason Whalen

I never realized just how fitting Jason Whalen’s nickname was until I sat down to write this post.


OF COURSE the man who covers all things nature has a nature-themed nickname. Of course the guy who knows the land like the back of his hand and travels all over to get the right view, would be called J-bird.

We are lucky to have J-bird, er Jason, as the newest addition to the Big Foot Media family. Sure, he’s  Tim’s brother and has worked with us for years now, but now it’s officially official. Like, leave your independent contractor status and move to Chicago official. And with Jason’s help, we’re hoping to make Big Foot Media an even greener place.

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School's Out, But Video Isn't

The Most Epic Group Project Ever

Often times we don’t give kids enough credit. We think they’re too young or too squirrely. Luckily, at Lyon Elementary School in Glenview, Illinois, they know better.

They decided to bring the entire 2nd grade class  (we’re talking 160-some kids!) to create one of the most epic group projects ever: this video.

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Community Supported Beer

If you’ve read anything we’ve posted before, you know there are several things near and dear to our heart here at

In no particular order, some of those include:

  1. beautiful, heartwarming video
  2. delicious, carefully-crafted beer
  3. Michigan-grown success stories

This particular post brings together all 3. And, the fact that all 3 come together so beautifully in this video, gives us chills every time.