Rooftop Farm Sessions at UG

baskery rooftop session uncommon ground

A stunning city backdrop, fresh herbs and veggies, fantastically folksy music, and free Lagunitas beer?! No…this is not an indie movie. This is real life. And this “simple” real-life event started with some simple collaboration.


Blackmagic Pocket On Sale


Yes,  you read that right! I haven’t been able to determine why such a drastic price cut, but according to Blackmagic Design it is part of a limited summer special sale that is only good as long as supplies last. So, jump on this if you have been on the fence; it was worth it… Read more »


Expanding Your Workflow on an UltraWide Monitor

Expanding your workflow_LG_monitor_gear_nerd_ron stratton

Greetings everyone!  One thing master control work has taught me, is how to multi-task.  It doesn’t matter if I am at work or at play, I work best with a multi-monitor setup. Whether it’s monitoring numerous feeds or using Photoshop, the benefits of a dual or even triple monitor setup are great.  But, I am also… Read more »


Heli Shots are Hella Cool

Heli Shots are Hella Cool_DJI_Helicopters_Big Foot Media _Gear

Ok. We admit it. We’re sure you’re going to be shocked, but…we are nerds. That’s right, you read that correctly. The entire team – all 5 of us, that is – is pretty nerdy. Because of our sheer nerdiness, we are suckers for a good gadget. So, when we got our latest toy, we decided… Read more »


It's All About Growth [and Duras]

BigFootsForest-6 web

Our new Chicago office has been a work in progress for the past couple of weeks. We’re all visual, creative-types and we want the office to reflect our brand. So, needless to say, there’s been a lot of forest and greenery talk. We even handpainted a wall with our giant logo to add some pizzazz… Read more »


Meet Ron Stratton // Our New Blogger

expanding your workflow

Hi everyone! I’m Ron Stratton. I’m officially joining the Big Foot Media family as a video and filmmaking blogger. I’ve helped the Big Foot team on the past couple short films they’ve done. Tim and Jesse recently approached me about blogging because I’m always talking about the cool, new and interesting stuff going on in the world of filmmaking…. Read more »


Havin' a Halla Time in the D

val halla_bordertown_music video_detroit_video shoot_big foot media

Recently, Tim and I were talking about Big Foot Media’s mission statement. We knew with our upcoming transitions, we’d need to have a clear idea of who and what we want to be. We decided, in essence, our mission is: “we want to work with cool people on cool projects.” We laughed at first, but,… Read more »


Beer, Social Media? We’re in.


When our buddies at Begyle approached us about finding a good way to help celebrate IPA Day and promote their IPAs, it was pretty much the easiest sell ever. You want us to celebrate one of our favorite kinds of beer and encourage people to talk about it, in anticipation of an actual day (a… Read more »


Big Foot Media gets a Global Appeal

oddisee_own appeal_international_rap video_big foot media

Two weeks ago, Big Foot Films jumped at a call for videographers in Chicago to shoot a video for rap artist Oddisee. Read all about it in last week’s post. The video for “Own Appeal,” which was released by Mello Music Group yesterday in the US and in Europe on Thursday, opens with Oddisee explaining… Read more »