Karmin Goes Acapella

Karmin_Lyric Video_Acapella_animation_Epic Records_Tim Whalen_Design_Big Foot Media

Here at Big Foot Media we like to consider ourselves as non-traditional. That’s why we were so excited to pair up with music duo Karmin to create this non-traditional lyric video. Epic Records’ Karmin is made up of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. They are a pop-meets-rap pair that busted on the scene last year with… Read more »


No Sleep ‘til 30

No Sleep Til 30_Tim Whalen _BFM Owner_30th Birthday

Today’s post is a little bit different. You see, usually Big Foot Media’s head honcho, Tim Whalen, and I chat about each week’s post before I start writing. But, this week, Tim is still recovering from the fabulous surprise 30th birthday party his girlfriend, Sarah organized for him. In true Big Foot Media fashion, there… Read more »


Chicago's Got a New Bottler in Town


We followed around Begyle Brewing for a couple days to capture what it takes for a small brewery, to put its beer into 22oz bombers. They had a lot of fun building their home made bottler and bottling Flannel Pajamas and Crash Landed. And we had fun shooting and “testing” it. Begyle Brewing had a… Read more »


'Tis the Saison for Collaboration

Tis the Saison_Collaboration Beer_Begyle_Aleman_Stone_Brewing

Group projects are usually people’s worst nightmare. As a teacher (yep, that’s my “real” job), trust me, I know. I’ve never quite understood why they irk people so much, though. Perhaps it’s wanting to be the best, perhaps it’s the person who doesn’t pull their weight, or perhaps it’s the fact that it’s oftentimes forced… Read more »


Chicago ‘Oddisee’

Oddisee_Own Appeal_rapper_Chicago_Big Foot Media

Sometimes being a nerdy fan pays off. That’s the case for our most recent gig with hip hop artist, Oddisee. You see, our Big Foot Media editor extraordinaire Adam Cate and our ring leader Tim Whalen are pretty big fans. Oddisee is a MC and producer who has a laundry list of a resume, including work… Read more »


Thought we were out of tricks? We design, too!

Graphic Design_Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys_Big Foot Media_Design_Album Cover

Big Foot Media just unveiled another piece in the puzzle of all-things media. The Big Foot Media Design portion of our website is now up and running and features a humble sampling of the work we’ve done under the Big Foot Media name. Our main Big Foot Media man, Tim Whalen, has been a professional… Read more »


Big Foot Media Meets the Brits

Big Foot Media_London_24 hours_trip_quick shots

One of Big Foot Media‘s own, Tim Whalen, set foot in the UK with Left Brain Right Brain Productions doing some work with Thomson Reuters Foundation. In his down time, (One day!) he had a chance to check out some of the sites… check out what he saw through the lens!


A Musical Quest with Kwesi

Kwesi K_Fold_Chicago_Music Video_acoustic guitar_Big Foot Media

Kwesi Kankam knew the way to Big Foot Media’s  heart. Flattery. Kwesi is an easy-listening, yet soulful acoustic artist based out of Philly with an interesting life story. He happened to see a video we did for Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys and sought us out. It may or may not have made us blush.


BFM & Sasquatch? Sounds like a winning combo!

macklemore and ryan_video contest_bombom _big foot media_nature shoot_chicago

When one of Big Foot Media‘s favorite artists, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, created a video contest they naturally jumped at the opportunity. The contest was to create a music video for the instrumental track “BomBom” off their platinum selling album The Heist. Big Foots approach was to use the beautiful landscape of Northern Michigan and… Read more »


Open Your Eyes and Ears

Kwesi K_Fold_Chicago_Music Video_acoustic guitar_Big Foot Media

We told you it was coming. We even showed you pictures. Now, the day has finally arrived for Big Foot Media‘s release of Kwesi K’s music video for the song “Fold.” “Fold” is a track that Kwesi K has been working on all year. It will be on his upcoming EP, “Pronouns” which releases November… Read more »