Big Foot Media

Seeing is Believing

What we do

If you’re here to look for the legendary forest-dweller, we’ve got nothing. We’re not actually searching for Big Foot. Instead, we ARE searching for real stories about real people.

We produce stunningly beautiful video, motion graphics, photographs and design. We also have tons of experience in animation, copywriting and social media.  We like to make cool stuff, with cool people – and learn about them along the way. We take deep pride in our work and are constantly working to stay on the cusp of awesomeness. 

Who we are

With over 20 years of combined experience, our A-list team can tackle almost any project you throw our way as a full creative force. We love to collaborate with clients who appreciate what good production is all about: creativity, originality and innovation. If you’ve got an idea to pitch, a product to sell, a vision to build, or just a story to tell, we’re your guys (and gal).

  • Tim Whalen

    Founder/Creative Director
  • Graphic Design
    Motion Graphics
    Video Production

  • Nicolas Rojas

  • Motion Graphics

  • Jason Whalen

    Video Producer
  • Photography
    Video Production

  • Chris Zuker

    Video Producer
  • Video Production
    Motion Graphics

  • Jesse Sutherland

    Project Manager
  • Producing
    Social Media

Where we work

We consider each other family, so we want our space to feel like home. Our Uptown office is nice and open. It features a growing art collection including pieces from Mike Dura and our very own Nicolas Rojas and rooms we have deemed “The Cave” and “The Clearing” [we don’t skimp on Big Foot themes].

We also have two additional ‘spaces’ in Michigan. Nico, our editor and animator extraordinaire, spends the majority of his week working from home in Bridgeman, MI, and comes into the city about once a week. Our project manager, Jesse, works from her home just outside of Detroit, MI. She still comes to the Windy City quite a bit, but is working to expand our roots in the Detroit area.