Interfaith Youth Core


We love having the Interfaith Youth Core as one of our clients. The socially driven, non-profit organization always makes us feel good to the core [pun intended]. The whole focus of IFYC is to get people of different faith backgrounds to develop a deeper understanding of each other and build bridges of cooperation, rather than the hate and destruction we often see in the news. One of the things we love about this crew is that they practice what they preach [yep, pun still intended], by having their whole staff be representative of the same religious diversity we see in the real world. They also understand the power of video in spreading their message. Over the years of working together, we’ve created monthly episodes of a web series, the Update; covered and promoted several interfaith events including Better Together Day; and, most recently, we’ve been collaborating with them and a co-sponsor, Dominican University, to create several sets of online learning modules.


IFYC approached us about creating a set of “MOOCs”, Massive Open Online Courses. We were familiar with the concept, but couldn’t find a ton of high quality examples. Most of these courses were just a camera in the back of a room. So, we really had to wrap our heads around producing a set like this. After meeting with the IFYC crew, who crafted the content, we hopped on board for all stages of the production process to create six episodes for a diverse range of college courses. We were able to help with scripting, pre-production, location scouting, asset allocation, shooting, editing, and graphic and animation production. Each episode has a different focus and was shot in a different location. Some of them just involved the main spokesman, Eboo Patel, while other episodes involved up to seven people. We had some long shooting days, but were truly proud of the quality of pieces we were able to create for such a good cause.


Part of the MOOC project consisted of creating an entire set of graphic treatments from scratch. These helped thread a clean and beautiful theme throughout the series. We were also able to hand craft all of the animated portions, bringing data and ideas to life.