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Preserve Spotlights

Ross Coastal Plain Marsh

Life adapts to the four seasons at this southwest Michigan nature preserve. Brilliant fall colors fade for a frozen winter landscape only to be taken over by diverse wildflowers and wetlands beaming with activity in spring and summer. Take a journey through the seasons at the Ross Coastal Plain Marsh Preserve.

Erie Marsh

Coastal wetlands are extremely important to the flora and fauna of the Great Lakes but much of this habitat has been lost. Erie Marsh is one of the largest remaining coastal wetlands in the western Lake Erie basin and restorations are occurring to make it even more productive for the birds, fish and people that make use of coastal wetlands.

Grass Bay

Grass Bay is an uninhabited stretch of Lake Huron shoreline wilderness. A haven for wildflowers, birds and mammals – life thrives in this nature preserve with limited human disturbance.

Grand River Fen

Have you ever wondered where a river comes from? For the Grand River, part of its headwaters can be found at this nature preserve. A thriving wilderness buffers the headwaters of the Grand, ensuring a healthy start for Michigan’s longest river.

Paw Paw Prairie Fen

Once slated for a neighborhood development, this preserve was protected because of the rare habitat type known as a fen. This wetland is home to plants and animals adapted to the unique conditions of the fen. Surrounded by upland prairie, this preserve is a much needed oasis of high-quality habitat life in southwest Michigan.

Ives Road Fen

Even the most degraded landscapes can be brought back to be a healthy functioning habitat. At the Ives Road Fen, agricultural drainage was removed and millions of invasive species were removed by volunteers and staff over the years. With a push in the right direction, nature took over and this unique habitat is thriving again.

Sharon Hollow

Dramatic changes happen in Michigan’s forests each fall. Vibrant reds, yellows and oranges fill the forest with color as life prepares for the harsh winter ahead. A nature preserve is the best place to experience the most colorful time of year.