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Uncommon Ground


Uncommon Ground is a local Chicago restaurant that we’ve always had a soft spot for. Their two restaurants specialize in organic ingredients and unique recipes. They have a huge emphasis on local and live music, hosting shows right in their restaurants. Recently, they solidified their sheer awesomeness by adding the last of our favorite things: beer. Our relationship with UG started when their entertainment director approached us to create an entire series of live music sessions from their shows on the rooftop of their Devon location (more on that below). Now, we’re working on our second series with them, which is a set of live sessions at their new brewery (also see those below).

The Rooftop Farm Sessions were a labor of love. We didn’t totally know what to expect, but that was part of the beauty of it. We knew there would be some great local bands, as well as some out of town acts, and we were excited to capture the vibe of an outdoor summer concert in the heart of the city. We usually had 2-3 shooters, including a steadicam. Not only did we want to highlight the purity and rawness of a live performance, we couldn’t help but also capture the raw, pure beauty of the abundance of vegetables, herbs and flowers of the all-organic UG Rooftop. So, you’ll notice most of the vids start with a pretty nature shot (we can’t help it) and then start to explore the music and audience. We love that all of these pieces can stand alone, but also come together to make a pretty cool series. And we’re proud that each video is totally different, despite using the same backdrop for 11 different videos.

We view the Greenstar Brewery Sessions as a winter extension of the Rooftop series. Instead of the nature we loved so much, now we get to have the beautiful background of an organic brewery. Because we’ve done a lot of beer work before, we knew we were up to the task of getting cinematic shots of the working brewery while also highlighting the talent of the artists playing. They will hold these intimate events once a month, so we’ll be sure to keep this list updated as we create.

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