World Wetlands Day


I have a love/hate relationship with wetlands. A wetland is one of those places where a human just shouldn’t go. There’s nothing glamorous about a wetland. They can smell bad. They’re filled with all sorts of creepy, crawly creatures and poisonous things. And of course, they’re wet – if you’ve ever walked on a floating… Read more »


We Venture into Nature with Jason Whalen

Jason Whalen_TNC_joins the team_Big Foot Media

I never realized just how fitting Jason Whalen’s nickname was until I sat down to write this post. J-bird. OF COURSE the man who covers all things nature has a nature-themed nickname. Of course the guy who knows the land like the back of his hand and travels all over to get the right view,… Read more »


Coming to you LIVE(stream) with Swan Lake

Swan Lake_Joffrey Ballet_Livestream_dancers_ballet_chicago_big foot media

Over 1,500 people watching every twist, twirl, and tutu. Together. Some of them oceans apart. Most of them in different homes and offices around the world. But, they were all watching…together. THAT was what was the most awe inspiring part of last Thursday’s live stream collaboration between Big Foot Media and our fabulous client, The… Read more »


Community Supported Beer

Farmers Hand_Begyle_Community Supported Beer

If you’ve read anything we’ve posted before, you know there are several things near and dear to our heart here at In no particular order, some of those include: beautiful, heartwarming video delicious, carefully-crafted beer Michigan-grown success stories This particular post brings together all 3. And, the fact that all 3 come together so beautifully… Read more »


Havin' a Halla Time in the D

val halla_bordertown_music video_detroit_video shoot_big foot media

Recently, Tim and I were talking about Big Foot Media’s mission statement. We knew with our upcoming transitions, we’d need to have a clear idea of who and what we want to be. We decided, in essence, our mission is: “we want to work with cool people on cool projects.” We laughed at first, but,… Read more »


'Tis the Saison for Collaboration

Tis the Saison_Collaboration Beer_Begyle_Aleman_Stone_Brewing

Group projects are usually people’s worst nightmare. As a teacher (yep, that’s my “real” job), trust me, I know. I’ve never quite understood why they irk people so much, though. Perhaps it’s wanting to be the best, perhaps it’s the person who doesn’t pull their weight, or perhaps it’s the fact that it’s oftentimes forced… Read more »